Should I Really Care What You Think??

Why do we pay attention to what others say about us? What makes us put special emphasis on what another person thinks about our self (e.g., style, mannerisms, personality, decisions, looks, etc.).  Even more, why do we have tendency to attach so much weight to their words as if they’re based on fact?  Yes, we are naturally relational creatures and most of us value others’ input, company, thoughts, etc.  This is the way we were made in God’s image and to keep it 100, we do need each other.

But hold up.  When does the need to be wanted, valued, validated, and accepted turn horribly bad?  Whenever we become so absorbed by the words of others we deem important that we lose ourselves; this is no longer a good thing!  This is especially critical when the results are feelings of inferiority, guilt, or shame.  True, some people have such strong personalities that they can cause others to believe that what they spout is gospel when it is nothing more than opinion.  In a world full of lies, deception, and ambiguity, we’d do well to consider the difference between fact and fiction.  Fact: You are worthy of respect and dignity no matter what your station in life.  Fiction: Believing that another person’s perspective or opinion about you holds more value than your self-worth.  Comments are welcome as always.

Scene from “A Black Swan” Performance

2 thoughts on “Should I Really Care What You Think??

  1. Colette Lousberg

    I completely agree with you, Blanche. What people say or think about us is more what they say or think about themselves, so we do not take that for us, simply stay quiet in silence and mentally let them speak about them.
    I miss you and I am happy to stay in touch with you.
    Colette L

    Thank you Colette!!


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