A container is more than just a physical vessel used for storage. One’s preferred or favorite physical space can serve as a sanctuary or therapeutic container.  One’s identity (the self) can be shaped or determined by one’s ability to maintain their container (psyche, emotions, will) which can be complicated.  People can serve as containers for healing through the expression of their experiences whether pleasurable or painful. 

My work addresses historical and intergenerational trauma and the psychological and psychosocial impact these issues African American women. My work speaks to the growing concern of Black women and their unmet mental health concerns where stigma continues to remain a barrier.  Disjointed and beautifully imperfect imagery represent women’s containers that hold both strength and vulnerability.  Each new day we must cope with realities of life which surround us including threats that attempt to destroy and disparage our containers. Tragically, those who have experienced trauma live in a state of unresolved pain; unable to recognize the damage sustained to her container.  I seek to disparage the common misperceptions that Black girls and women are super-resilient, less in need of nurturing and deserving of protection than their White counterparts.

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