My work primarily addresses social injustices and the psychological and psychosocial impact these issues have on youth, minorities, undeserved, and underrepresented groups.  It provides a forum for women, minorities, and other diverse individuals to openly discuss the challenges they encounter; namely, stereotypes, inequality, and violence that invade their lives.  Struggles with one’s identity can invoke feelings of detachment and indifference which may be experienced by those who are seen as victims by association based on race, gender, beliefs, etc.  “Who am I and does my being matter?  What about my existence invokes feelings of disdain, contempt, and disregard?  Why?  In a culture where we wear apathy and insensitivity as a coat-of-arms the battle to remain comfortable in one’s own skin is a daily one.

In the midst of violence and often issue-laden situations that are hardly what one would define as community I have choose to look beneath the surface and collectively embrace human dignity focus on identity, human dignity, and integrity while embracing the beauty of divergent thinking and collaboration.  I convey these ideas through printmaking, painting, sculpture, fiber, public art, storytelling, healing arts, and performance art.

Today’s social justice issues evoke a call to action which cannot be ignored.  However, learning to look beyond the present despair to a future community is the focus behind my design, shape, texture, color, and use of space.  Forward thinking that looks towards future goals and the betterment of our youth and their growth are keys to keeping a positive outlook in the midst of negative influences.  It is my hope that those who are able to take a moment to view my works will ponder—then proceed beyond simple musings.


Meditative Garden, Havenwoods–Designed and created by Blanche Brown



14 thoughts on “Home

  1. I saw the 30 Americans show today. Excellent! I think the local artists should have been in the main gallery. This is an exceptional show. I liked your portrait by Mutope. And your work shone as usual. I’ll be taking a group from GAC to see it in August for the first Thrusday.


    • Thanks for the kudos Colleen!  Im hearing very positive comments from everyone who’s gone so far! my heart and mind have really been blessed and touched by the myriad of expressions of so many issues that we can all relate to. It is truly a powerful exhibit. OH Yes Mutope’s artwork is the bomb–you should check out the blog to see the story behind it.


    • Thanks grace for your comment. 30 Americans will be exhibiting through September 8th. This exhibit was the springboard for my blog which I had been wanting to start for some time. Afterwards I will be documenting my continuing art adventures, interests, poetry, etc.


  2. I believe this is some of your most in-depth and poignant work. Our future depends on the subjects in this series. Hindsight being 20/20, we must ask ourselves, what are we teaching our children?, by our speech, by our actions, by what we share. Not knowing, not able to know when we don’t know, not knowing to share our good talents, history, and family secrets are devastating to our children. Your art starts ups the conversation regarding – what about the children? Carry on! This is a constant ‘breaking news’ event.


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