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Blanche Brown, a native of Chicago, is a multi-media artist.  Brown’s visual artwork primarily addresses social injustice and the effect these issues have on our youth.  Her work also explores the complications of child’s play, as it must coexist with societal problems and issues—as well as the potential for success and failure children may face.  She uses painting, sculpture, collage, fiber, printmaking, public/community art, and mixed media to accomplish this.

Brown had no interest in drawing or painting herself until Bonner died unexpectedly.  It was important to have something to connect his life to hers; art became that connection.  Brown currently resides in Milwaukee and has been a professional artist for over 12 years exhibiting nationally and locally.  She is a mentor at Redline Milwaukee, where she is involved in professional development of artists and exhibition programs with a focus on socially relevant issues.  She has been a guest artist and artist-in-residence at several schools and community programs.  Her work provides a forum for youth to openly discuss the challenges they encounter as violence invades their lives.  She encourages youth to use art and writing as a means to express themselves.  Brown also writes poetry and is a spoken word and performance artist.

Penny for Your Thoughts

 Penny for Your Thoughts

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Blanche,
    I am the fellow who met you at the Milwaukee Art Museum exhibit on Kandinsky. Thank you for your Email. I am interested in causing Peace and work to that end through Rotary. I will send you separately a copy of an introduction to a talk I give to Rotarians on Rotary as a Peace instrument.

    Your work is interesting to me in that it identifies how to spot trouble early in a child’s life. I think about how to effectively intercede to limit or modify the trouble a child is facing.

    Have you done or directed any follow up activity with the information you gather on children’s warning signs?

    Simple question, very complicated problem usually.

    It is critical to enter and ease the cycle of disfunction in a child’s life.

    It is like the story of the boy who was throwing starfish back into the water after the high tide had left them high and dangerously dry on the sand. A man came by and said “what you are doing won’t make any difference!” The boy replied as he threw another one back in the sea ” It will to this one.”

    John Wiley jwiley@elipticon .com


    • Hi John-

      Thank you for your email-Yes I am involved in activities by helping to make a difference and spread positive and encouraging feedback to youth. I have produced art with many children in schools and have visited youth to talk about the issues affecting them today. Thank you for sharing!


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