“See! I Knew I Shoulda…”

Second guessing oneself is at the heart of indecisiveness.  What is it that makes us think once, twice, and too many times before deciding to do something?  Perhaps fear of failure, prior bad experiences, feeling unqualified, or unwilling to take a risk may be reasons we talk ourselves out of moving forward.  More so, the things we vacillate about are not necessarily universe-altering; instead, they are everyday routine tasks that cause us to get stuck.

So why do we do it?  Take a moment and consider what might happen when we “wait long and wait wrong.”  Allowing doubt and unproven suspicions to dictate our actions can possibly prevent us from pursuing something truly meaningful.  The unique skills and gifts you possess enable you to be fully capable of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.  Yes, living in uncertain times can cause to settle for being safe and a little too cautious.  However, if history has done nothing else it has taught us that we’ve gone through far worse and finished on winning side!  Comments welcome as always!

“Beyond My Grasp”

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