See, What Had Happened Was…

How do you deal with disappointments, unmet expectations, or broken promises?  What about the ensuing myriad of excuses that follow?  It seems that some people are masters of coming up with some reason they did not or could not meet a scheduled obligation.  Often, consideration for the bigger picture does not come into their view.  In other words, who or what may be impacted by what did or did not happen?

We do not have to become a victim of the mishaps of others whether intentional or not.  How might we begin to see things differently?  Certainly, all of us have been on the receiving as well as the giving end.  But, oh we don’t see ourselves as excuse makers, do we?  It’s something about how we view ourselves—position, privilege, influences, self-worth or whatever—that we think allows us to get a pass.  It can be something as simple as not returning a phone call and dismissing it as “I’m too busy with an important client” and yet this is just another way that we excuse ourselves when we make excuses.  Perhaps a different perspective is needed.  There are always going to be people who could care less whether they hijack your time.  However, the next time we’re tempted to burn within at someone who stood us up, let’s step back, soften, and consider what it must have been like for others when we fell short.  Comments are always welcome.

Wrestling Not Against Flesh and Blood

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