Hot Air Balloon

How much value is there in your word?  If someone, were to assess a cost for your spoken or written message what would it be?  I think we can all agree that the political arena holds the record for having the biggest hot air balloon on the planet—filled with loads of empty, meaningless jargon that holds no weight.

However, what about you?  Is your word bond?  Or are you strategic and calculating in how and what you present to others?  Oh yeah, we can communicate very loudly with our facial expressions and body language; much more than words will ever do.  So, with your mouth you announce good intentions to your neighbor but your body says “You’re really bothering me right now!”

News flash—most of the time people can tell when you’re not being real or less than truthful.  I believe it has to do with change in tone of voice, shift in the body position, and little eye contact.  Instead of trying to hide in plain sight, perhaps its best to come correct—being truthful and sincere—not making promises we know we can’t keep simply because it sounds good and gets us off the hook in the moment.  We’ve all have had this done to us and if we would confess, we’ve done the same to others—even those we care about.  In the blink of an eye, we’ve already completed half of 2021 and we cannot undo what’s been done.  What might you do to change your narrative going forward?  Comments welcome always.


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