Can Hope Remain?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day when I made a recent visit to the MLK Memorial—Out of the Mountain of Despair a Stone of Hope—in D.C.  As expected, there were a minimal number of visitors that day as social activities slowly return back to pre-Pandemic life.  As I walked along the wall where some of King’s notable quotes were etched, I experienced many emotions simultaneously.  Surely, it was not the first time I had read these quotes.  But what struck me the hardest was the reality of how far we’ve regressed as a Nation almost back to Jim Crow and lynching days.  Are we a failed State?

The birth of a newborn and the accompanying excitement it brings signals hope.  It’s a wonder how much fuss, toil, and attention are given to that small frail soul.  Could it be that the promise of a changed future is neatly swaddled within that soft blanket?  Having this outlook is akin to holding on to a weakening tree branch for dear life when the only alternative is_____.  It takes genuine optimism not to give in to apathy when everything and everyone around says that fighting back for change is too much effort.  And, yet another wave of “nothing will ever change,” it’s happening again”, and “there’s been another one” is upon us.  No matter how bad it gets, I will hold onto that branch frantically believing something firmer will take its place.  What will you feel this time and what will you do?  Your comments are always welcome.

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