Can You Feel It?

Waves crashing against rocks on the seashore, a baby’s first cry immediately after birth, and the rumbling sound of a strong wind against a window have in common a constant theme we all experience daily—struggle.  It’s no mystery that life is hard and we all have issues—some of us more than others.  Most smooth surfaces have to be made that way; naturally their rugged and coarse.

This is why texture is germane to my artmaking and art practice.  It is an integral part in the process of how I create no matter what media I choose to use.  For me, including texture goes way beyond a style, look, or feel in the way I want to represent my art.  It is the what and the why which seeks answers where there might not be any.  It is like the stranger who steps in to help a poor soul digging through garbage for his dinner while allowing him to maintain his dignity.  Or the meaningless cruelty of a teenager brutally murdered for merely walking down the street. Only God knows.  Simply put I purpose to have my art speak to the reality of life.  It is gritty, gracious, rough, dirty, joyous, fulfilling, empty.  My art must be able to manifest that somehow.  It is what it is.

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“You Feelin’ Me?”

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