Mess-Makers and Cleaners

So, what kind of person are you; one who is good at cleaning or one who is good at making a mess?  Cleaners may be those who are adept at bringing order from chaos.  They may be good with the details and think of everything that needs to happen.  Mess makers may be great at shaking things up, turning things over, and causing momentum when things need to be changed.  And, although they don’t mind getting the mess started most likely will not take part in the aftermath of what comes next (or tending to the details of how it needs to come together).

Hold on, before you choose.  Is it possible to be both?  Maybe.  However, I imagine that those who put their whole heart into cleaning are superb at it in the same way that those passionate about making messes are.  What drives the decisions you make and the way you do things?  Could it be that you’re still trying to figure it out?  Perhaps you were once a mess maker but found out you’re happier being a cleaner or vice versa.  Both are valuable and there is a definite need for each one in the world.  What kind of mark do you care to make?  Comments are welcome.

Making My Mark