Transitions Are

Growing up I learned that change is constant and “nothing ever stays the same.”  Just look around and see before your eyes how quickly seasons come and go.  I think, it was just summertime yet the bright reds and oranges covering the ground tell us that its Autumn and even babies don’t stay that way very long.

But make no mistake there’s a significance in routine where no substitute exists. Routine can help us keep remain grounded or force us to get back to our path when we’ve somehow lost our way—it’s the sure thing we can bank on.  If we’re not careful we can find ourselves trapped in settling for the day-in-day-out mundane that eventually zaps the energy and challenge from life itself.  The result is stagnation, backward movement, and no involvement or effort to improve the self.

Yet, sometimes we wish that things could stay the same.  Why?  Because change is hard; what’s worse is to be caught off guard and not expecting it.  Perhaps experience can be our greatest teacher as we learn to anticipate the inevitable.  This simple truth stands alone; transition is and always will be.  Comments welcomed as always!

Removing False Hope