What does Family Mean to You?

I know what Webster defines as family but what’s your definition?  Is it just your mom n’ em or does it extend past the folks who live under your roof?  Depending on our cultural background, experiences, or focus some of us understand and accept that “family” refers to more than just who we’re related to.  We call best friends, neighbors, and the people who support us and who we support “fam.”  Unfortunately, for some of us who’ve been burnt, family can be a dirty word that brings up bad memories we’d rather forget.  Yes, family can be the people we love and hate at the same time.  What do you think about this?

So, why the big deal?  In a day when we’re faced with more unknowns that we can handle, who or what keeps you grounded and feeling like you matter.  Like it or not, we are relational creatures.  If we know that there’s somebody(s) who are thinking about and looking out for our best interests even when we’re not…well, there’s no words to describe it.  And, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, they still love you.  That’s true fam—simply put.  Comments are welcome!


A Little Chaos

Routine is good and can be a welcomed constant when life in unpredictable.  Do you think there’s ever a time when being in a groove is not good? Have you ever noticed that no matter how bad things get, humans have the ability to find a silver lining in the most dire circumstances?  Perhaps we possess an indomitable desire to refuse to lose or admit defeat.  Life these days is nothing short of navigating chaos as seen in failing school systems, health care disparities, untrustworthy information sources and, of course misgovernment—just to name a few.

One blessing or positive takeaway resulting from the Pandemic has been a spirit of inventiveness exuding from being abruptly thrown into the unexpected.  Before March 2020 most of us never imagined we’d be in such a dramatic life-changing situation!  These stretches out of our comfort zone have been catastrophic—there is no way to process the enormous losses that have occurred and I won’t even try.  We have been forced to come up with new ways of thinking, doing, producing, communicating, living.  Yet, because of COVID there have been new markets for designer masks along with other creative business startups, renewed focus on healthcare research, boons in video communications, huge changes in our relationships and family dynamics, and so on.  Shaking things up is unsettling and nothing is ever the same afterwards.  This is the mark of chaos.  Comments are always welcome.

Why You So Messy?