The Beauty of Simplicity

In a world that spends a lot of time obsessing over things that are unreachable, unsolvable, and unchangeable it is refreshing to get back to the basics.  How often do you think about what you are involved in and why?  Adhering to the “Joneses” mentality is like the futility of a dog chasing his tale.  We can spend our entire lives working extremely hard to get, succeed, and achieve that we fail to take time accomplishing that which is most important.

Think about the source of oppression, disenfranchisement, and social injustice.  So many people live with feelings of being unfulfilled, having low self-esteem, and suffering from identity crisis—all the while striving to get all they can.  Corporate says its greatest asset are people.  However, this claim becomes suspect when sickness, day care problems, or other personnel concerns loom large taking away from the bottom line; and its never ok to say “production must go on” when someone has endured discrimination! Should caring for others be our primary focus?  What is yours? Think of those resultant dividends.  Simply put:  love, serve, invest in…others.

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“You, Me, We…Are NOT Alone”