Failure to Act

Newton said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Unfortunately, the same applies when there is no action or a failure to act.  Perhaps better stated whenever something that needs to happen doesn’t, the effort to fix it, revert, go back, rearrange it, etc., takes away from the next action or thing needing to getting done.  Often, the next thing that supposed to get done is more important than that which proceeded it and on and on.  The result is like that snowball rolling downhill. It gets bigger and bigger and more out of control so that pile of clothes on the floor you keep stepping over has truly turned into a mountain.

A person once told me that it is all about priorities.  What we deem to be important at the time is what gets us moving.  However, this may not be good.  Could there be other reasons we fail to act?  Is it an inability to complete the task, laziness, or fear of failure?  “Yeah, I remember what happened the last time I did ________.”  Perhaps it’s the dread that when we do act people will be happy with the results and expect us to do more.  While one or some of these may be part of your experience, they still are a pretty package with a red bow on it full of excuses.  Consider this—you only have today to get ‘er done—tomorrow is package that may or may not arrive.

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“Just Foolin’ About”