Exploring Intentionality

What is an intention?  I recently asked someone this question and answer was, “Uh-h, umm something you intend to do?” Granted this came from someone one on the youngish side; however, when I’ve asked this of others there seems to be some hesitancy.  Could it be that the meaning brings with it the need for time-consuming brain work or deep reflection?

When I think of intentionality two different ideas come to mind.  Most times whenever someone thinks of intention—they think in terms of something they need or want to do such as I intend to start my spring cleaning or paint the garage.  However, one can also set an intention to simply be.  Who were you in the past, who are you becoming, who will you be in the future?

Whatever meaning you’re drawn to, one thing may be worthy of consideration; how can one live with intention in everyday life?  Now you might be thinking, Uh-oh I knew it here comes the brain strain!  No. Without much effort we can learn live in ways in which intention comes naturally.  Taking a break to unplug from social media; noticing one’s surroundings; being around people who support and encourage you; and taking time for self-care might be a start.  Your thoughts and comments are welcome always.

Intention Dolls