Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Is it possible to provide a service or produce a product where satisfaction can be guaranteed?  Well, when humans are involved, you already know the answer.  Some businesses claim this is as their motto and that you should expect a full refund if you don’t get what you were expecting.  But it seems that no matter how much effort is made, some folks will never ever be satisfied.

What if we were to flip the script?  What I mean is…is it ever ok not to be satisfied?  Consider what’s at stake when you become satisfied:

  • You stay in your comfort zone and never venture past your front door
  • You’re never woke—so you can’t relate to important things happening around you
  • You develop couch-potatoitis; a disease with symptoms that include laziness, apathy, and a big sloppy butt
  • Your answer to most things is, “I just don’t give a _____”

I’d rather stumble, bumble, and fumble at trying to do what I can to make change than to sit back and be a passive spectator in Life.  The motivation to avoid the things abovementioned is the ever present need to do what I feel I’ve been called to do.  In this way, I’m able to remain true to who I am as one who is part of the Struggle and to encourage others on the journey.  Be ever curious, wanting, expecting…

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