Unknown Beauty

Sometimes the beauty around us can found in the unknown.  To me, beauty is often seen in the ethereal, sublime, mysterious, bewildering, breath-taking, and other-worldly.  Insight gained from accepting “the other” can take us to another place where we can find we are able to deal with almost anything.  Although acknowledging that ugliness in this world has its purpose; it does not to pull at us or detract from what matters most.  It can be challenging to choose to look beyond and see true beauty sprouting in everyday situations.

My eyes constantly search for the simple things—acts of love that can go unnoticed if I stay on the surface. What can be discovered from digging deeper, finding more? Perhaps in doing so we can position ourselves to look beyond what we’ve grown accustomed to.  I continue to appreciate the personal growth realized in chasing after the unknown! 

Crimson Paradise
Stingray in Flight

Beyond the Image!

Art is unashamedly political and while some people prefer emulate the ostrich’s approach to solving problems, the truth is that art is more than its obvious imagery.  There is nothing wrong with aesthetics and beauty.  However, art must go beyond aesthetics to have deeper meaning; its layers must say more than what is on the surface.  I believe in the importance of street art or public art that serves to inform and create accessibility to those who may never get an opportunity to visit a museum or gallery.  What is the motivation of an art activist who uses the medium of art to communicate their passionate views on social issues?

What can art spaces offer to people who have no voice?  Can it promote agency where freedom of expression is accepted?  Who gives the freedom—artist or viewer?  Said another way, “While I may not understand what you’re saying if I slow down long enough to engage in or meditate on it, I may find space to be open and accepting.”