Strange and Curious Permeations

“Strange and Curious Permeations”

My upcoming solo exhibition, “Strange and Curious Permeations” asks the viewer to consider how the growing acceptance of violence in our society contributes to the degradation of human dignity.

We continue to be appalled at the numerous acts of violence against black youth that carry no consequence.  A fearful helplessness pervades the thoughts of many who wonder, “What protection is available when those in authority who should be our protectors are free to kill black people at-will?”  What’s worse is the miserable failure of our legal system to bring justice; instead the rampant spread of “Stand Your Ground” and similar laws have served to open the door to legalized violence against those whose only crime is being seen while black.  Parents must now have what I call the “survival talk” with their children educating them on how to survive when confronted and NOT get killed by the police.

The Center of Juvenile and Criminal Justice ( states

“Overall, young African Americans are killed by cops 4.5 times more often than people of other races and ages.”

Works in the exhibition depict images of children at play painted in red, orange, and yellow—colors which society associates with warning.  Symbols, words, and popular icons as seen in the painting, “You Feelin the Rainbow?” depict the challenges our youth encounter when violence pervades every area of their lives.  Permeations are not only physical but social, emotional, and psychological.  Ultimately, the question that must be addressed is “What impact will violent acts against black youth have on their future outlook and how does this shape the way they live in the present?

Death by Skittles-You Feelin the Rainbow?

Death by Skittles-You Feelin the Rainbow?

The exhibition, “Strange and Curious Permeations” will be held at 2622 Gallery located at 2622 N. Wauwatosa Avenue (76th & Center) Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  The opening reception is Friday, March 6, 2015 from 6 to 9 pm. It will feature poetry and spoken word by Carmen Murguia and Natalie Schmitting.  The exhibition runs through March 31, 2015.

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